David Scott Lewis is the head “Lecturer & Guidance Counselor” at Beyond English, a firm dedicated to helping the brightest high school students in north China attend Tier 1 American undergraduate colleges (including liberal arts colleges), with a focus on those students pursuing studies in the humanities and social sciences.  Lewis' academic background spans from Caltech and Stanford to Harvard Kennedy; his professional background includes executive positions at Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle and the IT outsourcing arm of Tsinghua University, China's top-ranked university. Model for the lead character "David L. Lightman" in the hacker classic movie, WarGames, Lewis has keynoted sessions at a CIA Information Operations Center summit and at DEFCON, the world's largest hackers convention. He has spoken widely and chaired sessions on nanoenergy, the Semantic Web, an APEC summit on SMEs, a grid security conference, China's annual IT outsourcing conference (keynoting once and speaking at two other annual events), and was a co-founder of the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum. He will be co-hosting this channel with Christopher Krebs, Associate Professor of Classics at Stanford University, and will be the inaugural host for the forthcoming “New Books in Intellectual History” channel.